Garters for Prom

What's the tradition of Prom garters?

Prom garters are meant to be a memento for the guy after the prom. Most girls get their garters to match her dress color, but you can customize it to however you'd like. The girls wear the garter on their right leg just above their knee. After or during prom, depends on the school, the girl's date takes off the garter and wears the garter on his arm. Sometimes the garter is removed with his teeth. At the perfect prom garter can be created with all of our many charms, ribbon colors, and even feathers to choose from. We can even personalize your ribbon so you can always remember your night because "These are the moments."                          
Garters for Weddings

What's the tradition of the wedding garters?

At weddings the bride wears two garters; one as a keepsake garter and the other as a toss garter. Both garters are worn on the right leg just above the knee. Some brides wear just one garter, but it's up to you and what you are more comfortable with. Before the removal of the garter, the bride throws her bouquet to the group of single women. The groom removes the toss garter from the bride's leg; sometimes he removes it with his teeth. The toss garter is then thrown to the group of single men. Most brides get a blue garter because of that old saying "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue." It's your garter that you're creating at so you can match your wedding theme or be that traditional something blue garter. At we don't offer a "toss garter," but the narrow band garters work great for tossing. You can get a plain narrow band garter without the charms, feathers, or personalized ribbon to match your keepsake garter, or whatever color you want, it's your choice. You can let us design your garter, or you can design your own.

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