PayPal Help

When you have completed your garter through the "Create My Garter" wizard, you are shown a priced summary of the items you have selected, with a photo of each item.

   Summary Screen

At the bottom of this page you have to select the size you need, and tick one of the boxes to indicate if you
are a resident of Illinois or not [sales tax is charged to all orders shipping to an Illinois address at 6.25% of
the merchandise total value]. Then you can click the button to add the item to your PayPal shopping cart.
When you do this, the Garter Boutique window advances to a detail list of the items and charges and sales
tax (if applicable) that are included for the garter you are ordering. Please print this page for your records.

   Detail Screen

The PayPal cart opens in a new second window, and is a secure connection to PayPal only.

   PayPal shopping cart

The garter you have ordered is in the cart. The full details are not shown in the cart description, but have been recorded behind the scenes referenced to the order number shown for the item. You can change the quantity if you want two garters exactly the same as the one ordered. You can tick the box to remove the item if you change your mind, or if you want to go through the Create My Garter wizard again to change your selections. In either case, click "Update Cart" to record your changes. You can leave the PayPal window open, or if you click "Continue Shopping" it will close. PayPal has saved your item description in a session cookie on your computer, and it will reappear when you have added another item to your cart from Garter Boutique and the shopping cart window opens again. If you are finished and want to checkout through PayPal to pay for the item, click "Proceed to Checkout".

If you want to order another garter, click "Back to Create My Garter" (or "Prom Designs" or "Wedding Designs" from the strip menu) in the Garter Boutique window. Select your garter items, select your size, and indicate your residency as before, and click "Add to Cart".

   PayPal shopping cart

Your second item is shown in your PayPal cart. Again items can be changed for quantity or removed. If you're
done and want to check through PayPal to pay for the item, click "Proceed to Checkout". The secure PayPal window will advance to the PayPal logon, and then to the the payment screen.

   PayPal payment window

Click "Pay Now" and you're all done!, Wheeling, Illinois 60090