Create My Garter Help

There are two ways to select a garter for purchase.
  • You can choose a garter you like under "Prom Designs" or "Wedding Designs".
  • You can select the options you want individually through the "Create My Garter" wizard.
To purchase a designed garter from "Prom Designs" or "Wedding Designs," click to the page from the strip menu under "Designs".

   Garter design selection

From either the "Prom Designs" or "Wedding Designs" pages, click the "ORDER" button beneath the one that you like. You'll be advanced to the "Create My Garter" wizard, where all of the options for the designed garter you've chosen will be pre-selected.

If you're happy with your garter as it is, click "ADVANCE TO CHECKOUT" and you'll be taken to the checkout page, where you select the size you need and add the item to your PayPal shopping cart.

The pre-selections are shown by the little round selection buttons [or "radio buttons"] being checked. If you would like to customize your garter, or add personalization, you can do so by advancing your pre-selections through the "Create My Garter" wizard. If you want a different base, change it by clicking a different radio button on the first page. Then, whether or not you've changed the base, click "CONTINUE TO RIBBONS AND BOWS" to move on.

   Create My Garter wizard

At this point you are working in the same way you would be if you'd started in the "Create My Garter" wizard to begin with. "Create My Garter" moves through five steps.
  • Garter base
  • Ribbons
  • Charms and crystal hearts
  • Feathers and flowers
  • Personalization
On each of these pages you select the item (or items, as applicable) you want by clicking the radio button beneath your selection.

   Create My Garter wizard

In the example above, "Peach" has been selected for the garter ribbon.


Please be careful on the "Personalization" page! When the page opens, the default selection is "None". This must be changed to "Personalization" if you want names foil-embossed on the ribbon. If you do not click this selection button, and it is left at "None" when you advance the page, any names you've written in or other selection buttons you've clicked will not be added to your order.

When you click "SHOW MY SELECTIONS" on the "Personalization" page, you're advanced to the checkout page.

   Checkout page

On this page you are shown all of your selections, with their individual pricing and item photos.

   Checkout page

You can go back and change one of your selections by clicking the "CHANGE ..." button for the item. All of your selections and personalization will be preserved. If you are happy with your choices, select your size and check one of the boxes to show if you're an Illinois resident, then click "ADD TO CART" and your item moves to PayPal.

If you need assistance with the shopping cart, please read our PayPal Help page. Thank you for shopping at!, Wheeling, Illinois 60090