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When a teenager has her mind set on something, she will most likely get it! This is how Erin got started with her custom garter creation. When prom came around she was in need of a garter, but had a hard time finding the perfect garter that would match her dress. After searching many stores, she found that most garters were plain and had limited colors. Her love for fashion made it possible to start her own custom garter business. Her goal is to make every prom and wedding more special than it already is with the extra touch of personalization that will always be remembered.
Erin Nedland
At she can make the perfect garter for any occasion. All you need to do is tell her how you want it from the options that are offered or you can choose one that's already designed.

At, we offer a large selection of different color ribbons, charms, Swarovski® crystal hearts, satin, lace, sheer organza, and feathers to choose from for your perfect garter. If what you're looking for is not shown or offered on our website, please e-mail us at telling us what you would like and we'll try to accommodate your request.

Wheeling Spokesman

Fashion students display talent at State

by Luke Sokolowski, Wheeling Spokesman

May 6, 2009 — Last weekend, five fashion students attended the Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State competition in Springfield.

Diana Osberg, Erin Nedland, Maggie Lipiarz and Iryna Khopta, seniors, competed. Jana Tornquist, junior, attended the competition to gain competition experience for next year when she will be one of the head fashion students.

Toni Holt, Fashion/Life studies teacher, encouraged the students to compete so that their fashion talent can be recognized. "This is my way to get kids who are good at something like fashion to get noteriety and recognition for it. People can then see that Wheeling is good at more than just sports," Ms. Holt said.

Competition results were not available at press time. Students designed dresses at school and brought them to the competition. Each student then modeled their dress to the judges. "The girls have to find a pattern, create a dress and present it to the judges. They are judged on pressing, difficulty, fit, pattern selection, accessories, presentation and construction. Construction and how they put it together is a big part of it," Ms. Holt said.
Erin Nedland,

Erin Nedland adjusts her earrings prior to presenting her dress to the judges at the FCCLA Fashion competition. Presentation is one of the categories that each student is judged on. "I was nervous about competing because I didn't know what to expect. I haven't competed in a fashion competition before and this was the first dress I've made," Nedland said.

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